Sunday, July 28, 2013

Conditions That Are Similar to Bitchy Resting Face

Have you heard of bitchy resting face?

It's an awful condition that affects millions of women, and even the rich and famous aren't immune to the disease.  In fact, Kristen Stewart seems to be suffering from the late stages of this awful illness.
Source: Wikimedia
Sadly, there are a series of other diseases that have strikingly similar symptoms, but they all effect the face in different ways.  Here's a look at bitchy resting face's sister illnesses:

Stitchy Resting Face

Joan Rivers and many other older celebrities (such as Frankenstein) are suffering from this pandemic

Source: Wikimedia

Sitchy Resting Face

The result of this disease is a horrid half smile and orange skin (is that Eminem's mini-me?)

Source: Wikimedia

Quidditchy Resting Face

Ron looks super serious about his Game of Brooms (See also: Snitchy Resting face)

Source: Harry Potter Wiki

Twitchy Resting Face

He knows how to make a bitch twitch (shout out to other longtime fans of SYTYCD) 

Source: Facebook

Abercrombie and Fitchy Resting Face

Sadly, this condition doesn't make you look like an A&F model: It makes you look like the scumbag CEO
Source: Quickmeme

Lichy Resting Face

This terrifying disease will haunt the dreams of children

Source: Adventure Time Wiki

Witchy Resting Face

Witch, please.  I was green long before you became the second most famous green Muppet.

Source: Wikimedia

Richie Rich Resting Face

Remember when this brat with more money than he knew what to do with played a rich brat with more money than he knew what to do with in that awful movie?

Source: Wikimedia

Benchy Resting Face

At least it looks like this bench has mostly had supermodels sitting on it.

Photo Source: Wikimedia

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