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25 Songs About Missing Someone You Love for a Lonely Summer

Looking for songs about missing someone to play on lonely summer days when you can't be with the one you love? Don't let the similar titles of these songs about missing someone on this list fool you; they all have something special to say about a love that has gone away. So if you're missing someone this summer, heal your heart with great songs like these:

'I Miss You' by Incubus - I like to think of this as a steampunk love song about missing someone, a romantic tune with mechanical music and longing lyrics. For those that can still smell the sweet perfume of the one they love on the pillow next to them and have a hard time enjoying the summer sun because they aren't there, this is one of the best songs about missing someone for you to use to combat the summer blues.

'Miss You' by Aaliyah - If R&B is more your style, let Aaliyah's velvety voice soothe your soul during a summer that feels a bit too cold. This is one of the songs about missing someone here that tells a story, as a girl is separated from her high school love when they take different forks in the road. Unfortunately, it will also make you miss someone else: R&B queen Aaliyah.

'I'll Be Missing You' by Puff Daddy - A little less creepy than the stalkerish Police song this tune borrows some of its sound from, it may be about a fallen rapper, but many of the lyrics can apply to anyone that is missing someone this summer, whether it's a lover, friend, or family member.
'Missing You' by Diana Ross - And here's one of the old school songs about missing someone. Diana Ross' sweet songbird voice makes this one a perfect summer choice for reminiscing about moments with a love that winter whisked away long ago.

'Missin' You' by Trey Songz - If you prefer more upbeat songs about missing someone to lift your spirits up, add a little auto-tune to your summer playlist with this funky love song about a love that's long gone. If you miss everything about your girl from the way she puts on her makeup to the way she wears her heels, then this is one of the songs about missing someone that's perfect for you (and it's not quite the tearjerker that some of the other songs here are).

'Missing You' by Black Eyed Peas - And here's another of the songs about missing someone that you can dance to, with a funky beat that will have you moving your feet and temporarily enjoying your summer by letting loose and forgetting about your lost love.

'I Miss You' by Blink 182 - These upbeat former frat boy faves actually are responsible for one of the darker songs about missing someone on this list, perfect for a sleepless summer night when you're plagued by nightmares of loneliness (don't worry; the guys still sound as cheerful and playful as ever; the lyrics are just rather gothic).

'I Miss You' by Miley Cyrus - This isn't one of my favorite songs about missing someone by far, but Hannah Montana fans might appreciate it; after Miley's disastrous movie career, I'm sure they're missing her alter-ego.

'I Miss You' by Klymaxx or Boyz to Men - Out of the two versions of this song, I personally prefer Boyz II Men's sexy take on it, but feel free to take your pick. For anyone spending their summer by the phone and believing that the summer nights seem unseasonably cold as they spend them alone, this is one of the best songs for you. And I know many of us miss the days when singers had to be able to actually sing.

'Miss You' by The Rolling Stones - You won't find songs about missing someone quite as groovy as this one, as the rockin' Rolling Stones try to take disco on. If you're missing someone but not spending the nights alone (in other words, if you love someone that's not around but are still partying like a rock star during your summer nights while waiting for them to call), then this is one of the best funky songs about missing someone for you to listen to while you go crazy waiting for that phone call.

'Miss You Like Crazy' by Natalie Cole - You gotta love kinda cheesy 80's love ballads like this one. Perhaps it sounds a little silly to us now, but with lyrics about kissing in the rain until the sun shines through, it's one of the songs about missing someone here perfect for the summer that might make you smile and quit going crazy for a little while.

'Missing You' by John Waite - This is one of my favorite songs about missing someone, an 80's great about the art of trying to mend a broken heart through denial. So if you're spending you summer lying to yourself by pretending that you're not missing the one you love and that you're not lonely, let the amazing lyrics and awesome 80's music here help you live the lie.

'Missing You' by Mary J. Blige - You've got to love this smooth joint by Mary J, another song perfect for those lonely moments when you're trying to convince yourself that you're not really in love.

'Missing You' by Case - And here's the male version of the Mary J. Blige song, just as sexy and smooth, but with different lyrics. And it's perfect for the summertime, since it compares missing someone to a cold summer afternoon (a horribly unnatural and unsettling feeling).

'I Miss You' by Haddaway - He dared to ask what love is, and ended up missing someone. And if you, too, are missing someone more than words can say, this slow and soulful love song is as refreshing as a summer breeze, and it might temporarily blow that lonely feeling right away.

'I Miss You' by Webbie - For the guys that don't want to be playin' no cheesy songs for their girls, they can tell them how they feel gangsta style with this hard but sweet song about a guy that has it all but just misses the girl he loves. Shakespeare Webbie ain't, but at least the words seem heartfelt.

'I Miss You' by DMX - Rapper DMX shows his softer side with one of the sweetest songs about missing someone on this list, dedicated to his grandmother. So if you've lost someone important to you this summer or are missing someone you'll never get to spend another summer with, this poetic tribute is great for reminiscing to when you feel lonely.

'Missing' by Everything But the Girl - As a child of the 90's (and a high school girl going through a breakup at the time), this is one of my favorite songs about missing someone. I love the line, "and I miss you, like the deserts miss the rain." It's a haunting song that you can still dance to and one that's perfect for listening to on a rainy summer day.

'Miss You in a Heartbeat' by Def Leppard - There's nothing like a hair band ballad to soothe a lonely soul. This is another of the great summer songs for a love lost that is perfect for reliving some of your past memories to (plus it has a rarity for a hair band song: an awesome acoustic guitar solo).

'I Miss You So Much' by TLC - For those that weren't looking for love but fell hard, you'll also fall in love with this sweet song about never asking to be put in the position to miss someone, but being stuck there anyway. And the worst part about it all is that the guy that showered you with gifts and love letters doesn't seem to be missing you at all. If you're dealing with this terrible lonely feeling this summer, perhaps you just need a little TLC to help you recover.

'Missing' by Evanescence - If you truly feel like a part of you is missing, this gothic tune will help you find the courage to fight through the horrible pain of missing someone and mold yourself a new piece to put the puzzle back together and give a new love a chance.

'My Arms Keep Missing You' by Rick Astley - How can you feel too lonely and sad when you're listening to Rick Astley? This is one of the best songs for missing someone during the summer because it might just make you crack a smile (or you can always hide your tears behind some Astley-style shades).

'You're Missing' by Bruce Springsteen - The Boss will break your heart with this powerful song about how missing someone makes day-to-day life so hard. For the days when everything just seems to be to much to bear, the Boss will be there with a song that you can sing along with to get all that pain out.

'Missing my Baby' by Selena - This song is for all the girls that miss someone, holding tight onto their pillows at night pretending that they are squeezing the ones they love. Selena's sweet voice makes the situation sound not quite as sad, so she just might be able to help you get rid of that lonely feeling and back to enjoying your summer.

'Do You Miss Me Darlin' by The Guess Who - This is actually one of my favorite songs about missing someone on this list, although it's probably not as well-known as many of the other woeful tunes here. It stands out from the rest with a folksy feel and peaceful harmonies, which contribute to a sound that captures the free spirit of the 60's. Guys may not call girls "darlin" anymore, but who cares? When songs are really good, any generation can enjoy them.

So no matter if you're missing someone who is temporarily away, pining for a lost love that you pray you can win back, or paying tribute to someone who is no longer a part of this world, the songs on this list might help you keep that lonely feeling away and prevent it from darkening your summer days.

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