Monday, September 28, 2015

10 Halloween Party Songs: Rock Tunes, Scary Music, and Even Some Disco

If you're looking for a fun mix of Halloween songs to play while you hand out your fun-size Halloween candy mix, try adding a few of these tunes to your playlist. There's a little bit of rock, some spooky tunes, and the scariest disco song that you'll ever hear.

Fear the Reaper 

Sure it mentions the Reaper, which is what makes it worthy of being a Halloween tune, but this rock song by Blue Oyster Cult is just great, period. And Christopher Walken thinks that your Halloween song playlist needs more cowbell!

Batman Theme Song

This instrumental masterpiece may not seem like it fits into the category of Halloween songs, but with all the Joker and Batman Halloween costumes that people will be wearing this year, this music will definitely be a big hit with many of your Halloween party guests.

Night on Disco Mountain

Even if you hate disco, you have to admit that this instrumental song is amazing! This tune from the 'Saturday Night Fever' soundtrack has a very spooky sound, but it also has a great disco beat going for it that makes it perfect for 'stayin' alive' during the 'night of the living dead'.

Ghostbusters Theme Song 

This catchy tune is definitely one of the most popular Halloween jams that get radio play every year. Everyone loves to sing along with it and dance to it, so be sure that it gets added to your Halloween party playlist.

Black Magic Woman
This song is perfect for all of the bewitching ladies attending your Halloween bash, and it'll definitely bring out the devil in all of the men watching them dance.

The Devil Went Down to Georgia
Speaking of the Devil, this has to be the most upbeat, fun song ever written about him. There aren't many great Halloween tunes that have a country flavor to them, so this one is definitely a unique choice.

Psycho Theme Song
If you're looking for Halloween songs that have a haunting feel to them, this classic music is perfect. It's one of the most recognizable instrumentals in horror film history, and definitely one of the best. Just like the song above, it features violins, but the tunes have very different sounds.

X-Files theme song
This is another great theme song that everyone will recognize from the greatest television show about things that go bump in the night.

Paint it Black
This rock song makes a great companion piece for the other Rolling Stones tune that was on my other list of Halloween songs, 'Sympathy for the Devil'. The music is great, and the tune is all about one of the holiday's most popular colors.

Sweet Dreams (Marilyn Manson's version)
If you really want to scare the hell out of everyone at your Halloween party, play Marilyn Manson's creepy-sounding version of this classic song. It's probably one of only Halloween tunes on this list that truly sounds scary.

I hope this list has given you some great ideas for Halloween music. They'll definitely liven up your Halloween party and keep the monsters mashing all night long.

[Image credit: WxMom/Flickr]

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