Sunday, September 27, 2015

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas for Women: Female Cartoon Characters

If you are a woman looking for fun and creative Halloween costume ideas, try dressing like a female cartoon character. You have a lot of options available; just think of who some of your favorite cartoon characters are and get creative! Here are just a few of my personal favorites that will get you plenty of attention this Halloween:

Harley Quinn
She may be the Joker's goofy sidekick in the Batman animated series, but Harley Quinn's skintight outfit would make a very sexy Halloween costume. All you need is a red catsuit, a small piece of white fabric, some white face paint, a simple black mask, some sexy black or red high heels, a red and black harlequin hat, and some black fabric paint. You can use the black fabric paint to paint sections of the catsuit off in a checkerboard pattern like Harley Quinn's costume is. Cut the white piece of fabric into the simple neckpiece that she wears (you can use an old pillowcase or T-shirt or any other piece of white fabric you having laying around the house to do this) and secure it to the catsuit with some safety pins or a few simple stitches with white thread. Now all you have to do is put on your white makeup on any area of your face and neck that will be exposed; tuck your hair under your hat; and put on your mask and high heels.

Luanne Platter 

If you're from Texas, Luanne Platter from the cartoon series 'King of the Hill' would make a great costume for you. All you need is a big blonde wig with bangs (Be sure to tease the back of it a bit to get that Texas height!), some orange, skintight biker shorts, a green sports bra, some cheap white tennis shoes, and white tube socks. Basically, you can buy everything you need for this costume at Wal-Mart. Just be sure to keep your makeup pretty simple and to push your tubesocks down so that they bunch up at the ankles. You may look like white trash, but at least you'll look like sexy white trash!

Jessica Rabbit
Jessica Rabbit is definitely one the sexiest cartoon characters ever! All you need to pull her look off is a long red dress, boobs, a red wig, boobs, purple gloves, boobs, red high heels, and more boobs. You can check out thrift stores for sleeveless skintight red gowns or try stores that sell prom dresses. Sometimes department stores have good sales on these types of dresses, so you could also look there. If you go for a more demure, less-exposing red dress that you can actually wear a strapless bra with, don't be afraid to stuff it with plenty of toilet paper! If you have any shapewear that will whittle your waist down, that can also give your body more of a cartoonish look. Also be sure to wear plenty of blue eyeshadow, fake eyelashes, and red lipstick.


This is definitely a very fun and sexy Halloween costume, and it's one of the more original ideas here. You just need a big pink wig, a short, hot pink dress, pink tights, pink heels, and plenty of pink eyeshadow to pull off Jem's outrageous look. You can also use temporary pink spray-on hair color to achieve her 80's style, just be sure to also use lots of hairspray to keep your 'do big and full! Add some pink oversized earrings (big, pink stars would look fantastic!), a plastic pink pearl necklace, and a pink belt to really make your look stand out. If you're afraid that people still won't know who you are, you can also try carrying around a plastic microphone. This costume idea is definitely one of my favorites, because I'm a very big fan of the color pink and cool, retro styles.

This is another look with a very loud color that will definitely get you a lot of attention. If you can stand the thought of covering most of your body with blue face paint, then you can go for this look. You'll also need a tiny, white lacy dress (you can look for this at thrift stores, or you can even purchase a white slip to use as the dress), white high heels, and a floppy white hat (just look for an oversized white toboggan). If you're not a natural blonde, then you'll also want to get a blonde wig. An option for avoiding using so much blue paint would be to look for blue leggings or stockings, so then you could at least avoid having to paint that area of your body. It probably would be a good idea to paint yourself outside with the help of a friend and to make sure you've allowed yourself to dry before getting into your costume. It also wouldn't hurt to do a test run with the blue paint to see how badly it rubs off. Be sure to also wear fake lashes and bright pink lipstick to offset the blue. It's a very messy Halloween costume idea, but the result will get you a lot of attention.

These are just a few of the many great female cartoon characters that can be turned into sexy Halloween costumes, and I've got a lot more ideas, so stay tuned for more!

Image credits: Gaviin Nansoong/Wikimedia, Pat Loika/Wikimedia

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