Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Sexy Halloween Costume Ideas For Women: Colorful Cartoon Characters

Cheetara and WilyKat 

This is a list of a few more creative Halloween costume ideas for women that will allow you to play dress up as some of your favorite childhood idols. None of these costumes are too difficult to create; they're all a lot of fun; and they'll get you a lot of attention:


Cheetara is a great character for a Halloween costume, because her outfit really isn't too complicated. You just need a red one-piece swimsuit, some black fabric paint, a crazy blonde wig, orange tights, red face paint, and red boots. You can use the black fabric paint to paint the Thundercats logo in the center of the swimsuit, as well as to paint a few spots onto the blonde wig. If you can't find red boots, you can always buy a pair of boot covers to wear over a pair of high heels (a lot of Halloween costume stores sell these), or you can wear a pair of red high heels with red socks to get a similar effect. One of the most important things you need to do to achieve this look is to copy Cheetara's funky eye makeup to really complete this fun Halloween costume idea.

Tinkerbell is a great Disney character that is often overlooked when it comes to Halloween costumes. Her look is very simple, and everyone will definitely know who you are supposed to be. All you need is a simple green dress, green high heels or ballet flats, fairy wings, fake eyelashes, some big white poof balls from a craft store, a pony tail holder, and a blonde wig if you aren't already blonde. You can probably find a simple green dress at a thrift store or a department store, if you don't mind spending a little more. Then you need to cut the bottom of the dress into jagged edges like Tinkerbell's is. The big white puffs will be glued or safety-pinned onto your shoes. It's pretty easy to find a pair of fairy wings at Halloween costume stores, so you can purchase a pair or try to make your own if you're really crafty. Now all you have to do is apply your fake eyelashes and pull your hair up into a high ponytail, and you'll be the cutest pixie at your Halloween party.


Daphne and Thelma

The Daphne character from Scooby Doo is another great retro costume idea that is pretty simple to create. You just need a form-fitting long-sleeved purple dress (you can use a long-sleeved purple skirt and shirt if they are easier to find). Then all you need to complete your look are a pair of purple high-heels, light pink tights, a green scarf to tie around your neck, a sexy red wig, a purple headband, and, once again, fake eyelashes. This is definitely a Halloween costume that you can hit the thrift stores for, and if you carry a stuffed Scooby around with you, everyone will surely be able to tell who you're supposed to be.

Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite is another favorite childhood character that wore her hair in a high ponytail. For her look, you need a short blue dress, red heels, two pairs of rainbow striped socks, a plastic rainbow emblem, some white, furry trim, and a red belt or red strip of fabric. You can probably find a plastic rainbow emblem at a craft store, and if you can't, you can always make your own from sturdy cardboard and paint. This will be glued to the front of your red belt or onto the red peice of fabric, which will be tied around your waist. The furry white trim can be sewn or glued around the edges of the blue dress. You will then cut off the feet of one of the pairs of rainbow socks to wear on your arms and slip on your high heels over the other pair on your feet to create an older and sexier version of this popular character.

Betty Boop
            This classic sex symbol makes a great Halloween costume because her look is simple but sexy and very flirtatious. Look for a short, sexy red dress and a pair of red heels. Then all you'll need is a short, black curly wig, a white garter to wear on one leg, bright red lipstick, and some fake eyelashes. You may want to draw on some bottom eyelashes the way Betty's are, or just be sure to put plenty of mascara on your bottom lashes. This Halloween costume idea is great for a girl who wants to look sexy without having to do a lot of work on her costume.

I hope these Halloween costume ideas have inspired you to dress as one of your childhood cartoon character favorites this year! Classic cartoon characters make great Halloween costumes because they have a warm nostalgic feel to them and they'll definitely make everyone around you smile. So this Halloween, enjoy being sexy and fun with one of these creative costume ideas.

[Cheetara and Daphne Image credits: GabboT/Flickr]

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