Sunday, September 27, 2015

Top 10 Songs For A Halloween Party

    Whether you're throwing a Halloween party or just want something fun to listen to on the way to one, these 10 songs should surely be on your playlist. They're all spooky in their own special way, and from ghosts to witches and even Frankenstein, they've got the Halloween holiday covered and will get you pumped up for a very fun, frightful night:

Witchy Woman
This classic by the Eagles is all about a woman whose so bewitching it almost seems supernatural. It's one of the only songs out there about witches, so if you're dressing up in a sexy witch costume for your Halloween party, then this definitely needs to be your theme song.

I Put a Spell on You
This is a song by Screamin' Jay Hawkins (even the artist's name sounds spooky!). He's a very talented singer, and his deep, mysterious voice will definitely send chills up your spine. The music in this song is also amazing, but the best part has to be when Screamin' Jay breaks into an incredibly wicked laugh and attempts to put a spell on his listeners with some very crazy voodoo talk. (I just have to add that this is one of my favorite songs of all time, period.)

Black Sabbath 

This song by the band of the same name was one of the first real heavy metal songs to grab the attention of rock audiences. It contains a series of chords that were banned in medieval times because they were considered to be the Devil's music, and the song is all about the Devil and his "chosen one". So you know it sounds incredibly evil, which makes it perfect for playing on Halloween.

You can't have a list of Halloween songs without Thriller! Michael Jackson has become quite scary himself these days, but back when he was truly the King of Pop, this song about the undead and a night of fright topped the charts. It mentions corpses, grizzly ghouls, and demons, so this spooky song has to be on your Halloween party playlist.

Halloween Theme Song
Well, it doesn't get any more obvious than this tune. Play this simple retro music from the beginning of the Horror Flick "Halloween", and it immediately will invoke thoughts of the most horrifying holiday ever.

Monster Mash
This very fun, family-friendly Halloween song from the sixties is all about a group of monsters that get together and perform a special version of a popular dance craze of the time, the mashed potato. Bobby Pickett does the song with a perfect imitation of the voice of horror film king Boris Kaloff, and this hit has just become one of the few seasonal, truly Halloween songs that get radio play every year.

Hotel California
I guess there really aren't too many ghost songs out there, but there's never been a better ghost song than this one by the Eagles. It's all about a man who gets trapped in a very spooky motel with some residents that have been staying there a little too long. The song has a mysterious, eerie feel to it, and it is definitely an American classic that's great to listen to any time of year.

Sympathy for the Devil
Well, this holiday is all about evil, so why not have a little sympathy for the devil for once with this rock song by the Rolling Stones? It's a very fun song, and it will make any good boy or girl wish they were as suave and as cool as Satan is made out to be.

Clap for the Wolfman 

This classic song by The Guess Who isn't really about the Wolfman monster (it's really about legendary DJ Wolfman Jack), but it still works for Halloween and is a lot of fun to listen to.

Feed My Frankenstein
Alice Cooper is one frightening character on stage, and this is one of the more frightening songs on this list. I'm guessing in this rock tune Alice isn't talking about a classic movie monster, but it still definitely has the right feel for Halloween.

So whether you like fun Halloween songs or songs that have a bit of a dark edge to them, there's sure to be some songs on this list that you can add to your iPod especially for the holiday. Music can make anything better, and it can definitely add a bit of frightening fun to your Halloween holiday.

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